Helldone 2009 line up and ticket news!


No doubt about it, HIM is in! Then again they always have been, since the first Helldone Festival back in 2005 – and even beyond that.

Since early August HIM has been working on their seventh studio album. The working title of the album is “Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice” and it is scheduled to be released on Valentine’s Day 2010. Starving for live action the band has now decided they would love to headline each and every night of the Helldone 2009!

This year’s special treat is brought to you by The 69 Eyes and Anathema, both playing acoustic in the intimate surroundings of Semifinal club. The 69 Eyes have just released the most hard rocking album of their career: “Back In Blood”. The band will have a three-night residency what will without doubt consist of vampire ballads & debauchery at Semifinal.

On New Year’s Eve Semifinal will be hosted by Anathema acoustic. Anathema is one of the forerunners of British doom metal. Anathema acoustic is an ad hoc line-up featuring band members Daniel, Vincent and Jamie Cavanagh, plus Sarah Cavanagh and Claire Molloy. A rare treat indeed!

As always, Helldone will present new acts as well:

On Monday it’s time for Flamer, which is the new band of former Bleak frontman and songwriter Caleb. This second time around Caleb has managed to retain everything that was good in his former band, including hit single Fate off the Jade Warrior movie, add some new twists to his music and take the whole thing to the next level. Flamer’s debut album “Molotov Cocktails” is in the pipeline.

The reviews of Ghost Brigade’s 2007 debut “Guided by Fire” were glowing. ‘Impressively atmospheric, dark, intelligent and passionate’, they read. ‘Katatonia’s grief collides with the wrath of Neurosis’. The guys from Jyväskylä kept their cool, stayed focused and upped their game with this year’s “Isolation Songs”. Ghost Brigade will perform on Tuesday night.

After having released a handful of singles that received cult status Vanity Beach finally got around to releasing their debut album “A Life Of Vice” earlier this year. Their mission has been from the very beginning to bring back danger into rock & roll. When you listen to their mix of noisy post-punk, haunting synthesizer soundscapes and dark metal overtones, you know they’re on the right track. ‘They sound like Mötley Crüe’s soul looks like’, Metal Hammer famously commented. Vanity Beach will support HIM on Wednesday.

On New Year’s Eve the audience will be warmed up by Major Label, a trio from Helsinki. You could label their second album “When I Am With You, You Are Safe” alternative metal, but that means you’ve only scratched the surface. The band’s own description of their music takes you a little closer to the truth: ‘our sound is like watching a Michel Gondry movie while simultaneously listening to Sigur Rós and Rage Against The Machine’. The rest is there for you to find out.

The Helldone Festival. Tons of old friends to meet, time to catch up, party to the coolest of tunes. The coolest of tunes… right! Let’s not forget our resident DJ Crew, the infamous Club TarTar DJs. Gentlemen, state your case. “DJs extraordinaire Ginger Boy, Egyptin Portti and Stereo Ramses will shower you with the best tunes known in Valhalla and beyond. Their mad beatmismatching skillz and feverish scratching will make even the toughest pharaoh dance like a werewolf in the moonlight shadow.”

Yes, people, the Helldone Festival 2009. We promise you four nights of love & magic leading the faithful into 2010. And what a year that is promising to be!

Helldone Festival 2009 – PROGRAM:

Mon 28th December
Tavastia stage: HIM + support: Flamer, Club TarTarDJs
Semifinal stage: The 69 Eyes Unplugged

Tue 29th December
Tavastia stage: HIM + support: Ghost Brigade, Club TarTarDJs
Semifinal stage: The 69 Eyes Unplugged

Wed 30th December
Tavastia stage: HIM + support: Vanity Beach, Club TarTarDJs
Semifinal stage: The 69 Eyes Unplugged

Thu 31st December
Tavastia stage: HIM + support: Major Label, Club TarTarDJs
Semifinal stage: Anathema acoustic (UK)

Tickets: 45 € / night. (PLEASE NOTE: 2 tickets per customer per day only)

Tickets will go on sale on Tuesday October 20th, 2009 at 09:00 (EET)

Age limit: 18 and over




HIM: www.heartagram.com
The 69 Eyes: www.69eyes.com
Anathema: www.anathema.ws
Flamer: www.flamermusic.com
Ghost Brigade: www.ghostbrigade.net
Vanity Beach: www.myspace.com/vanitybeach
Major Label: www.majorlabelband.net
Tavastia Klubi: www.tavastiaklubi.fi

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