She Wants Revenge Interview

She Wants Revenge released their third album, Valleyheart, May 23rd on Five Seven Records, a division of Eleven Seven Music. Valleyheart
is a musical love letter to the band’s West Coast upbringing. 

She Wants Revenge:
Justin Warfield – Vocals/guitars/programming
Adam Bravin – Bass/keyboards/sounds/tones
Scott Ellis – Drums
Thomas Froggatt – Guitars

How would you describe She Wants Revenge for a new listener?
Imagine a soup with a little Depeche
Mode, a little Prince, a dash of Psychedelic Furs, a pinch of Giorgio Moroder,
a tablespoon of David Bowie and a teaspoon of U2. A soup you could dance to, of
How and when did you come together as a band?
Justin and I grew up in the San
Fernando Valley together and new each other through mutual friends. After
keeping tabs on each other and each other’s musical endeavors over the years,
we finally had the opportunity and free time to work together in 2004, after
one of our mutual friends had a BBQ, which we were both invited to, but told to
leave and go make music together, which we did. We left the BBQ and went to
Justin’s house and started working on hip hop beats, since we both come from a
hip hop background, it seemed like the perfect place to start. After months of
working on hip hop beats, and honestly, being frustrated with the state of hip
hop at the time and the limitations to express ourselves musically, a friend of
mine named Kenna asked me to work on a track for his sophomore record, which I
did. Justin came over that day and I played it for him. He immediately asked me
to hold off on sending it to Kenna, as he had some vocal ideas and melodies he
wanted to lay down. He took the track home and came back with “Black Liner
Run” which would be the first She Wants Revenge song.
What is the meaning behind your name, She Wants Revenge?
When we had a few songs, and
realized we needed a name, Justin first suggested “The Wonderland
Murders” which I thought was a little too violent. Based on the lyrical
content of the first batch f songs, I thought it would be a good idea to have
something feminine in our name, so I suggested, “Girl Revenge”.
Justin flipped it and suggested, “She Wants Revenge”. I wrote it down
on a piece of paper, we looked at it for a minute and decided that was it. Not
a very exciting story, I know.
What inspired the concept album, Valleyheart and the films?
After 4 songs were done, Justin
wrote the lyrics for “Up in Flames” which included references to very
specific images and feelings only someone from the San Fernando Valley could
truly understand. We thought about it and decided it would be amazing to
“write a love letter” to the place that we come from, the place that
has everything to do with who we are as musicians, aspiring filmmakers and as
people, hence, the loosely conceptual album. We then decided to make ten videos
/ short films to accompany each song and we split the songs up between the two
of us. These short films are just another way we can express ourselves
creatively, while, for the first time, as it pertains to this band, show our
individual stylistic references and influences, while also achieving visual
representations of all ten songs on the album.
What’s coming up for She Wants Revenge in addition to this
We are planning on finishing up this
tour and immediately jumping back into working on the short films. We have some
shows planned, including international dates, and we will line up a tour for
the summer as well. We would also like to add how much we appreciate all the
amazing love and support we’ve received since Valleyheart was released, we
really do have the best friends and supporters in the world.
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