St. Louis Rockers Cavo Premiere “Thick as Thieves” + Free Download

St. Louis Rockers Cavo Premiere “Thick as Thieves” + Free Download

Cavo premiered their new single “Thick as Thieves” Monday on St. Louis’s alternative rock station, KPNT, and has followed it by offering a free download on their facebook page for THIS WEEK ONLY.

“Thick As Thieves” is the follow up to the band’s #1 rock single, “Champagne” from the album Bright Nights Dark Days (Reprise/Warner), and the first taste of the band’s sophomore release from Eleven Seven Music, out in stores in February of 2012.

A free download of the song is available at

“We went through a lot as a band on this last album cycle that, in some ways, really challenged our friendships. It was all new for us and we had our difficulties dealing with it, but came out a stronger better band cause of it. Thick As Thieves really explains our mindset as a band, we realized that nothing can come between us unless we allow it to, and we got back to basics as a band, just four guys writing music that really meant something to us first. We believe that it’ll translate to the fans better if it comes from an honest place.” – Casey Walker (lead singer of Cavo)

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